I am sure most of us are very tired looking at the clouds and cartoon-like look of Windows XP.  Today we are going to look at a couple of free all in one transformation packs to give XP a modern look.

After using Vista and now Windows 7, when you go back and look at the original XP appearance it definitely shows its age.

regular desktop

** Editor Note:  Major modifications like these should be attempted with caution because it can create instability in XP. **

Vista Transformation Pack

You can easily add new life to the user interface of XP with the Vista Transformation Pack.

Desktop shot 1

In Express Mode you can choose the features for your user account where they show the amount of system resources required.

6 User Account Settings


The amount of time it takes to apply the settings will depend on the power of your computer and amount of features installed.

7 Transform

When everything is set up a restart is required.

8 Restart Required

After restarting the Welcome Center appears where you can make adjustments to the configuration and other settings.

9 Welcome Center

Go into the Appearance section to get the Windows Aero look.

10 aero theme

XP now has the Vista Sidebar, Start Menu, Icons and more that you can customize to your liking.  This does take up more system resources for all the features to run smoothly but it’s pretty true to the Vista look and feel.

Desktop SHot 2

Download the Vista Transformation Pack

Seven Transformation Pack

Like the Vista pack above, the Seven Transformation Pack will convert your XP based system to look and feel like Windows 7.  Installation is very similar to the Vista pack with being able to select which features will be included in Express Mode.

Again like the Vista pack you will get the look and feel of Windows 7 including icons and menu layouts … this is a shot of Windows Explorer.


Here is a shot of the full desktop with Windows 7 start menu.

full shot

Download Seven Transformation Pack

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