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By Brian Burgess on April 30th, 2009

The glory of the Internet is the ability to gather information from all over the world and to truly utilize global content, we need to be able to translate other languages.  Today we will look at few of tools available to translate text written in different languages.

Yahoo’s Babel Fish

Babel Fish has been around for a while now (1994) and seems to do a decent job of translating.  You can copy and past text into the box at the website or you can translate an entire page by entering in the URL.  Then select which way to translate the information.


The resulting translation side by side using Babel Fish.


Yahoo offers Babel Fish in its Toolbar and for website owners you can easily add this translation tool to your site.


Tryout Yahoo’s Babel Fish

Google Translate

Of course the Internet giant offers a translation service as well with Google Translate.  They offer translation from the site and no click translation directly through the Google Toolbar.  There is also a simple gadget you can add to your webpage to allow others to translate your page.


to lang

They offer translation from the site and no click translation directly through the Google Toolbar.

1   1

Tryout Google Translate Options

Firefox Add-ons

For Firefox users there is are two handy add-ons the Unofficial Google Translate Firefox extension and gTranslate.  Both of these extensions work relatively the the same and both rely on Google Translate.  Just highlight the text and select the language translation combination.  Here is an example of gTranslate from English to Arabic.


The developer of the Unofficial Google Translate Firefox extension made an easy to follow video on how to use it.

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  • Published 04/30/09
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