Searching through several menus to find commonly used applications and utilities can be quite annoying.  Today we will look at a program that adds extra functionality for faster computing and increased productivity.

Extensoft helps you avoid the annoyances by offering an unofficial Windows upgrade.  Extensions for Windows includes Enhanced Windows Explorer, Desktop Recorder, Keyboard Shortcut Manager, and Disk Analyzer utilities just to name a few.   This is a handy package of very useful, easy to access upgrades that can increase your productivity.  Lets look at some of the extensions and some of their stand-alone utilities which are available for free.

After installing the Extension For Windows package you decide which components you want to include and update them.

Much like the way Shell Menu Tools works, Extensions also integrates into Explorer so we can easily access their functions from context menus.

In this example we are easily able to access the Disk Analyzer utility to find what is taking up hard drive space.  This extension is also available as a free stand alone utility.

Another very cool feature to point out is the Explorer Extension which really enhances the Windows Explorer experience and allows for configuration for easier navigation.

We can easily go in and change various options for each extension from the Extension pack interface.  You can also tweak options while individual utilities are running.


Extensions For Windows is definitely a nice addition for the Windows power user who would like most of the features available easily rather than spending time downloading separate applications for each feature.  Extensoft offers a free 90 day trial for their package which contains 12 extensions and is only $19.95 after that.  They also offer these free stand alone utilities.

Download Extensions For Windows Work On Vista & XP (32 & 64 bit)

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