If you are tired of the bland vanilla folders in Windows or want to color code them for faster access, today we will look at Folderico which allows you to easily change folder appearance.

Folderico is a free utility from Shedko software and is quite easy to use.  Launch the program and browse to the folder you want to change the color of.  Here you can also put in a custom tooltip for the folder that will be displayed when hovering over it.

Select Folder

Next click on Select icon to bring up the multiple choices of colors and styles to choose from.  After you choose the look of the folder click on Apply. 

Sleect Icon

Now when you go to the location of the folder you will notice the change that was selected.

If you don’t find something you like with the default themes they also offer several other user made themes to download.

After you download the new theme folder just move the file with the “.icl” extension into the Samples folder where Folderico is installed.

Folderico also integrates in with the context menu so you can Right-click and quickly select a color or style.

The default language for Folderico is English but there are several more to choose from and even more you can download online.

If you are looking for a way to color code your folders or spice up the look and feel of the folders, Folderico is free and easy to use.

folder ICO logo

Download Folder Folderico from Shedko Software

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