If you cannot get enough of Guitar Hero while playing on your home console then Frets On Fire is a great way to get a similar experience on your computer.  Frets on Fire is a cross-platform Open Source project.

You can download and install Frets on Fire on a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X box.  There is also a portable version which ensures you can get your guitar gaming fix any where there is a computer.

By default there are only three songs to choose from but there is the ability to import songs in OGG format as well.  A site that has a bunch of ready to use songs is Keyboards on Fire.  Just download the zipped song file and extract it to Data Settings Songs.

Choose Song

The default keys for frets are F1-F5 which might might be oddly placed for some players.  Just go into Settings to change the fret keys on the keyboard to what you’re most comfortable with.  Also, I was able to get a Logitech game controller to work on the Windows version.

Change Keys

To start off it is a good idea to run through the tutorial to get a feel for the controls.


If you are a fan of Guitar Hero or have never played it before you will have a lot of fun playing Frets on Fire.  For additional support and new songs check out the community site fretsonfire.net.  For a bunch of new songs to play check out Keyboards on Fire.

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Download Frets on Fire for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

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