Windows Vista and XP have built in disc burning functionality but they are lacking in features.  Today we will take a look at BurnAware Free Edition which – as the name implies – is free and feature rich.

One thing to mention during installation is that the Ask Toolbar will be checked by default.  If you don’t want another toolbar make sure and uncheck this.


The user interface of BurnAware is very clean and easy to navigate.  Just click the type of media you would like to create on the left.  Also worth pointing out is the ability to create ISO and DVD images, new in Windows 7  is a utility that will allow you to burn ISO images.

Burning a disc is very straight forward.  Choose the type of disc to create from the menu above then add files.

One of the preferences I like is the ability to choose the write speed before burning.  If burning an important data disc, quality movie, or DVD I prefer err on the side of a slower speed.

You can view the progress while burning the disc.

A successful burn of a CD as an example.  We would have loved to try a Blu-ray but unfortunately no Blu-ray burner.


BurnAware is a very nice disc burning utility.  It is extremely simple to install and use.  One caveat is you will need to purchase a license for the Home version if you want to create bootable discs or images.  The licensed version for $29.95 allows additional tools for copying DVD’s, games, and, other digital media.  If you are looking for a free and easy to use disc burning application BurnAware Free is a great choice!

Download BurnAware Free For Windows