Friday Fun: Be a Budget Hero

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By Brian Burgess on March 20th, 2009

Do you think you can manage your tax dollars to cure America’s economic mess better than the politicians?   Today we look at Budget Hero, a game that allows you to cut or finance areas of the federal budget to save America’s economy.

You control every aspect of the budget based on ten year time frame.  When you begin you choose different badges to earn.


You then select an area of the budget you select different cards that cut or raise spending in that area.  You can move the slider on the year bar to see how your decisions will affect dates in the future.

Play Screen

Before playing a card there is will be an overview of what the Pros & Cons will be.

Playable Card

After you have played your cards see how your budget stacks up and if you won any badges.  If things did not work out how you hoped you are allowed to go back and edit your budget.


If you think you can manage the federal budget better than our elected officials have, then give it a shot with Budget Hero.

Play Budget Hero from American Public Media

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  • Published 03/20/09
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