Email Large Files from Outlook with

Have you ever needed to email large files but your IT dept limits attachments to 10MB or less?  Thanks to the Outlook Add-in you can send large files for free (up to 5GB).

The Beta was launched last year and is where you can store up to 5GB of data and share with others. You can access it from a browser, a desktop application, and now with the Outlook Add-in.

Installing the Add-in

Installing the plug-in is fast and easy using the installation wizard.  You might have to update to the shared Add-in support for .Net Framework 2.0 (KB908002).

Install - addin support

Just follow through the wizard, no special steps required…

Progress install

Using the Add-in

After the installation open Outlook to compose a new message and you will find the new plug-in under the new tab.

acrobat tab

To begin using it you will need to sign in with your Adobe ID or simply sign up for a new account.

log on

Now choose the file or files you want to send to the email recipient for download.  Here you can also choose Open or Restricted Access where Open lets others access the file if the email is forwarded.  Also, to share a restricted document the recipient will need an account as well.

choose files

After you have the files click the Attach button which will show a progress bar as the files upload to

progress attaching files

After the files have been uploaded you will see and the link for the recipient to download.

email with attach 

You can change different settings under preferences such as the size of the attachment you want to use for.


When you click on the email link to get the file if Restricted you will be required to sign into your account to see it.  If you share the files anyone who gets the link can preview and download it.


Another cool feature of the Add-in is being able to invite people to online web conferences with Adobe Connect Now. 


Keep in mind that is still in Beta and you may experience connectivity problems or other glitches but overall this is a great way to send large files for free.


Download the Outlook Plug-in

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