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By Brian Burgess on March 13th, 2009

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to satisfy your competitive appetite with fun Flash games.  Today we bring you a collection of online flash sport themed games.

For golf fans this 3D Championship Golf is a good time for those of you yearning for nice weather for the greens to clear up.  You are presented with 9 holes and can choose different types of clubs, the control the power and direction of your swing with a couple of mouse clicks.

3D Championship Golf

Play 3D Championship Golf

If you are a fan of the game of pool or even if you aren’t Power Pool 2 is a fun arcade style game where you play on a variety of tables and collect points and extra balls from power ups.  There is also a mellow music loop that helps suck you into playing multiple levels.

Power Pool

Play Power Pool 2 from Ninja Kiwi

Have fun skateboarding in an urban environment avoiding cars, jumping obstacles, and collecting skate shoes to advance levels.  Use the arrow keys to maneuver and perform back slides and the space bar for for ollies.

downhill jam 

Play Downhill Jam

What is more fun than playing baseball?  Playing baseball to kill zombies!  With Zombie Baseball you have a pretty girl toss you pitches and you hit the ball a zombies to kill them.  As you progress through levels you can increase your players strength, recovery, and frequency of pitches thrown.  Score different head and body shots to receive better bats that do different damage to the zombies like freeze them.

Zombie Baseball  

Play Zombie Baseball

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  • Published 03/13/09
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