Friday Fun: Light Bot is a Ridiculously Geeky Flash Puzzle Game

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By Brian Burgess on March 6th, 2009

Friday is here again and it’s time to play a very geeky flash game! Light-Bot is a fun 3D puzzle game where you use different commands to maneuver the little character to light up the blue tile.

It starts out relatively easy and the levels progress in difficulty, using programming logic to build a list of commands to control your character through the maze, ending with lighting up the blue square.

basic lightbot

The commands work from left to right, then down to the next line. Once you’ve assembled your list of commands, use the Go! button to watch the character try and walk through the maze.

How Does It Work?

Let’s take a quick tour through the easy level in the screenshot above… first you drag a forward arrow, then a right turn arrow to make the little character turn to the right, so your window will look like this:

Light-Bot Step 1

Once you click the Go! button, your character will walk one space forward, and then turn to the right, ending up here:

Light-Bot Step 2

Obviously we need to get the character to take another step forward, then turn back to the left, and walk forward towards the blue square. We’ll add those arrows (remember it goes left to right, then down… just like if you were reading the commands like a book).

Light-Bot Step 3

We’ll need to make the bot turn to the left, take another step, and then finally use the light bulb icon to light up the square.

Light-Bot Step 4

Once you run out of room in the Main method, you can make your own custom commands by dragging commands into the Function boxes. You can even call one function from another function if you want.

Function Keys

If you are a true geek and love a challenge you will definitely have a lot of fun with Light-Bot.

Play Light-Bot In Our New How-To Geek Arcade

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  • Published 03/6/09
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