Finding an Easter egg in movies is usually a cool thing, but finding them in software is even cooler.  Today we will look at the hidden game in the Open Office Spreadsheet program Calc.

Open up a new Calc Spreadsheet and enter =GAME(“StarWars”) into any of the cells and hit enter.  Make sure and type in the capital letters as shown to get it to work.  The easiest would be to copy the text above and paste it into a cell.

This opens up the Star-Wars Galaxy game which is a Space Invaders clone.

Star Game

The instructions are in German but you don’t need to know a single word to be able to start playing.  Just use the arrow keys to move and the Spacebar to shoot.

This is not the greatest Space Invaders clone but still fun knowing you can take a break from data entry and get your retro gaming fix.

game in action

For more about Easter eggs in other software and web services check out our Wiki Page on Easter Eggs.  It is a lot of fun and if you have some you would like to share with us just leave a comment.

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