It is not everyday you find a game that is as addictive and fun for both yourself and the young ones, but Crayon Physics Deluxe is definitely one.  This is a fun and challenging 2D puzzle game that allows you to test engineering skills with crayon drawings that come to life as real physical objects.

The game starts out with simple objectives using basic physic principles.  Throughout the game the goal is to get the ball to the star .. sounds simple right? 

Once you start getting into the game tasks are more difficult allowing more creative was to accomplish the objective.

Also included is a cool level maker for creating your own crazy and challenging levels.  Also, you can upload these levels to The Playground where you can download other user’s levels too.

Check out this video showing the game being played on a tablet PC.



Crayon Physics Deluxe is a very fun and addictive game.  You will enjoy the challenges of the different levels and the kids will like the graphics and learning how physics work.  It is very fun playing with a mouse and keyboard, but I would imagine playing on a tablet PC would be icing on the cake.  There is a very calming soundtrack in the background which inspires creativity and can be needed on more frustrating levels.  You can download the demo for free but to unlock all levels and features you will need to purchase a license for $19.95.  Once you play the demo though you will think it is money is well spent.

Download The Free Demo Of Crayon Physics Deluxe From Kloonigames