Reading and organizing a comic book collection on your computer is efficient and a lot of fun. Today we will look at a couple of free applications that allow you to read your favorite comic books on your computer.

Using CDisplay

One of the most well known comic book readers is CDisplay, which has a simple interface with several options to allow the best viewing… just browse to the comic you want by going to File Load file.

Open Comic

CDisplay does a great job of displaying comics with settings such as a black background to make it easy on your eyes.

Go to Options Configure or just hit “C” to go in and change viewing features.  Keyboard Ninja’s will appreciate the many hotkey combinations.

Download CDisplay from

Using ComicRack

Another great choice is ComicRack which actually has more viewing features than CDisplay.  While reading a comic you can easily change setting by right clicking on a page to pull up the menus.

On Screen Options

Switching pages is easy with a pop up menu that scrolls to different pages in the comic.

You can go in and change the page order of the comic under Preferences.

Change Page Order

You can keep up with the latest builds and other ComicRack news.

ComicRack also includes programmable hotkeys as well.

KB Shortcuts

These are just some of the features of ComicRack.  Other features include creating reading lists, using ComicRack as a PDF viewer, information overlays, color adjustment, and other options to manage a comic library.

Download ComicRack for Windows

If you are just starting off with eComics here are a few places to get them free or cheap.