Another glorious Monday, time to get back to working on that TPS report the boss was hollering at you to get done last week. You want to show the boss you’re hard at work finishing the report but it’s already been a week – so they can wait another day while you catch up on last week’s Family Guy.

Introducing Double Vision, the application that allows you to watch Hulu, YouTube, or surf the Internet while you look busy hard at work. Double Vision is built from Internet Explorer and turned into an online media browser that can become transparent to work from inside “real work” applications.

Editor’s Note: We’re not necessarily recommending that you waste time at work, considering the economic crisis, pointy-haired bosses and pending layoffs… end of disclaimer, go have fun =)

Using Double Vision

The cool thing is you can actually input data in those spreadsheets and documents all while watching your favorite show or checking out a website.


This is an example of Double Vision at about half transparency… so you can still see your work if needed, and you can even use Ctrl+Esc to quickly hide it completely.

faded in open office

Another option you will most likely want to enable is muting on the Quick Hide key combo.

Of course Double Vision also makes a great tool for stealthfully surfing the web while “working”.

If you are a person who doesn’t like to actually work while at work, then this might be the perfect utility for you!

Download Double Vision for XP and Vista