One of the most popular articles on this site over the last year has been our must-read feature explaining svchost.exe and why it’s running, and now there’s an even easier way to see what’s going on behind all of those svchost processes in Task Manager.

The Svchost Viewer is a small application that lists all of the current svchost.exe instances, shows how much memory each one is using and what services are running beneath it. For the uninitiated, svchost.exe is an underlying Windows component responsible for Windows services (read our full guide for more).

Using Svchost Viewer

The cool thing about Svchost Viewer is it requires no installation and can run directly off your USB flash drive, coming in handy when troubleshooting. Just double-click on the application to launch, and then click Yes when prompted whether to get the data.

After taking a few moments to complete the scan you will be presented with the number of svchost.exe instances running along with the service name, description, memory usage, and program path.

This application is a great little tool to see what’s really going on in your computer. Svchost Viewer is open source, requires the .NET 2.0 framework and should work on XP (SP2), Vista and Windows 7.

Download Svchost Viewer from