As your email accounts and email applications change, it seems there is always a different way to get your contacts organized. Previously we covered how to Import Contacts Into Thunderbird, but today we will look at how to import important contacts from Gmail into Outlook 2007.

Importing Gmail Contacts

Exporting your Gmail contact information is basically handled the same for you to use the file to import into any email application.  Just log into your account, select Contacts and then individual or All contact then Export to a location on your hard drive.


Next choose Outlook’s CSV format to allow the file to easily transfer into the application.

The next thing we need to do is import that contacts file into Outlook 2007.  Open Outlook and click File Import and Export.

When the Import and Export Wizard opens select “Import from another program or file” then hit Next.

Next select “Comma Separated Values (DOS)” and click Next.


Browse for the Excel CSV file and choose options about duplicate entries and continue by clicking Next.

Here you will want to select the appropriate folder or location you want to keep the information hit Next.

The next screen basically verifies what we just did an also offers the option to change the destination or Map Custom Fields (which is a whole other topic we can get into at another time) hit Finish and your done.