While doing research for a previous article I found a very cool and slick utility called WinAudit. This is a slick and easy to use freeware application that will tell you most everything you want to know about your PC. There is no installation required and you can even run it from a USB flash drive if you are troubleshooting another Windows system.

Using WinAudit

WinAudit is a self contained file under 1MB, just double click WinAudit.exe and you are ready to roll. One cool thing to keep in mind is it will work on Windows 3.1 to Vista and everything in between.

Just click on the Audit button and WinAudit will begin a system scan and allows you to gather the report data in a wide variety of formats.

The amount of information displayed is quite impressive.  There is no way to show everything in this post but to put it in simple terms it’s essentially SIW on steroids. From a simple pie graph of programs installed to a detailed look at each one, virtually every hardware and software configuration is inventoried.

The user interface has a simple explorer type navigation for reviewing the different results.


A total system audit took about 1 minute on my system and once you get the results you can instantly save, print, or email to a boss or colleague.

If WinAudit fails or freezes for any reason it gives you its own error message which you can copy or save.

You can select the specific categories for each audit as well by going into the option section.

Download WinAudit For All Versions Of Windows

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