As we have been going through the Secure Computing Series we’ve found Comodo to have some great products.  So far we have taken a look at their Anti-Virus and spoke praise for the Comodo Firewall.  Today we will take a look at Comodo BOClean, a nice “set it and forget it” Anti-Malware utility.


Installation is straight forward using the wizard.  There are only a few things we thought to point out.  First being BOClean really wants to make sure there are no other instances of an earlier version on the machine.  In fact it asks you twice during install.

1 - install

After you make sure there is no other BOClean version on the PC, the normal wizard windows appear.  Just use the default location and hit Install.

install directory

Comodo BOClean will update the database to the latest version before being completely ready for use.

install DB update

Using Comodo BOClean

After launching BOClean will run in the background and monitor the system an icon is displayed in the task bar.  Right clicking on the icon will pull up the main menu.

main menu

The first action should be sure the database is up to date by performing a manual update from the control panel.

There are several settings we can change including configurations to make the admin job easier such as unattended cleanup and removal, automatic updates, and keeping reports.  From here you can also set BOClean to “stealth mode” were changes cannot be made to its configuration and can permanently hide the tray icon.

Configuring a stealth mode in BOClean protects other users of the PC from making any changes to the program.  When configuring these settings you will get a warning message asking if your sure.

For those geeks curious enough, BOClean contains a list of the covered trojans that are being monitored for.

covered malwayr


Comodo has once again created a great anti-malware utility with BOClean.  It will remove malicious registry entries, does not require a reboot after removal, daily updates, and several customizations for the user.  This may be a program more suited to the advanced PC user as there are several detailed protections settings.  However, once every thing is set up there is little administration options needed.

Download Comodo BOClean For Windows XP and Vista

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