This weekend we will continue with our series on Watching TV On Your PC with Babelgum, a service that seems to pride quality over quantity. This service offers just over 60 channels, which may not seem a lot, but there are thousands of quality full screen videos that are professionally produced.

Babelgum works on both Windows and Mac OS X and you will need a broadband internet connection.

Babelgum is unique in the programs it offers. There are a lot of indie films, programs, and channels. There are also familiar channels such as PBS and BBC. One of their recent partners is VBS.TV which has a wide variety of cool programs.

At any time your watching a show you can get additional information on the channel it is on. Users can rate and leave comments on the programs as well.

While Joost is moving to be completely web-based, Babelgum does allow previews of shows on their site, but for full features you need to download the application. Babelgum uses P2P based technology as does Joost.

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All of the programs are professionally produced and available in high quality, full screen format. They encourage user participation in various communities and also feature one of a kind events. The Babelgum Online Film Festival is currently their big promotion now. If you want goofy videos of The Techno Viking turn to YouTube. If you want quality films and documentaries then Babelgum is the place to be!

Download Babelgum For Windows & Mac OS X

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