So you had a great summer vacation with your family and now you want to share those photos with friends and family. If you are using Windows Vista, you can manage and share those memories with others using Vista’s Photo Gallery and Windows Live Spaces.

Using Photo Gallery

First let’s take a look at this photo management application included with Vista, which provides an easy to use graphical interface to manage your photos. There is an easy to use toolbar at the top for accessing to different tools such as emailing photos, burning photos and home video to disk, and making quick home movies. If you want to make a home movie clip Windows Movie Maker will open up.

Photo Gallery allows you to fix and edit your photos by adjusting different elements.  Another feature is the ability to rate your photos and edit tags, which you can use to organize your pictures.


To add your photos to Windows Live Spaces you will need to first sign up for an account if you have not already. When dealing with native Microsoft sites I use Internet Explorer or IE Tab in Firefox because everything works a lot more smoothly.

After creating your account and signing in to share your photos click on the Share Photos tool.


Next, create a name for your new photo album and click on Add photos.

You will be prompted to install the Windows Live photo upload tool.  You will get an ActiveX warning, just allow it to proceed.

active x

This tool will take a look in the Pictures directory and create an Explorer type user interface so you can select photos from your computer or what are already on your space page.  While in this section you can also rename each photo how you like.

9-25-2008 6-21-13 PM

To add pictures from your computer to the Live Space just place a check in the picture and then click on Upload.

While your photo uploads a progress window will pop up.

upload progress

If you do not want to use the Windows Live Photo Upload Tool, you can select to upload them one at a time.  This might be an easier solution if you’re just doing one or two.  For a full album I would use the Live Photo Tool.


When you’re done uploading files go ahead and share your Windows Live Space with your friends and family so they can view your new pictures!

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