We’ve had a lot of fun with our series showing you all the different ways you can watch TV online… starting with reader favorite Joost, then last week’s AnyTV, and today we’ll take a look at TVUPlayer.

With TVUPlayer you can watch channels from all over the world including live channels… it’s an easy application to run on your local machine or you can watch channels on their website. Note that a broadband internet connection is required.

Installing TVUPlayer

TVUPlayer works on both XP and Vista and requires Windows Media Player 9 or later.

Player Shot

With a file download of under 5 MB, installing TVUPlayer is a straight forward process.  As of this writing the current version is and is completely free. (Make sure you never pay for TVUPlayer)  It is also a good idea to create an account so you can save your favorites, rate channels, and participate in forums.

You can also go to the TVU Networks Site and watch the available channels.  Firefox users will need to download a plug-in.  Internet Explorer users will need to install install the TVU web player component.

ff plugin

IE install

Using TVUPlayer


The user interface is very nicely designed.  There is a nice easy to navigate toolbar at the top to check out different categories of channels. The ability to search channels, save your favorites, and scroll through all of the channels or specific channels based on your language.

fullplayer 2

Another feature is a cool TV guide that is on the collapsible side menu.  Check out what programming is on while watching a current show.  With the side menu you can also checkout station reviews and chat with other users.

TV guide  

Watching live television stations of course you will see commercials.  Before other on demand video and other channels TVUPlayer will play a 30-45 second advertisement.  If you are an Internet TV broadcaster you will want to check out TVU Networks Platform.

Another important feature to point out is TVUPlayer Mobile which allows you to watch TV on your mobile phone.  Requirements for this is Windows Mobile 5, 6, or 6.1 a processor speed of 400MHZ, and supports 3G, UTMS, HSDPA, and WiFi.


TVUPlayer is definitely a fun online TV application, with plenty of channels to check out from all over the world with great video quality.  The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and you can use it to watch TV on your mobile phone which is a definite plus. The player will also allow full screen viewing.  TVUPlayer is a lot of fun and is a great way to watch TV on your PC.

Download TVUPlayer For Windows

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