Last weekend we took a look at Joost, an online TV application with a lot of content. This weekend we’ll continue the theme by checking out AnyTV, which currently boasts 2,630 online TV channels, 6,910 on-demand videos, and 4,750 online radio stations.

Since the application updates the channel list daily, this list will continue to grow over time. With so many stations to check out you can definitely fill up the weekend!

Using AnyTV

The interface for this application is extremely simple, with big buttons to switch between sections and then a list of content you can watch.

The channels come from all over the planet.  You can browse by genre and / or country.

You can right click a channel to add to favorites which makes it much easier to browse just the content you want to watch. Other options include flagging non-working and rating channels.

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If you find a cool TV, Video, or radio URL elsewhere you can add it to the player as your own custom channel so you can watch everything from the same interface.

When Playing radio stations cool visualizations are displayed like with most music players.


What’s impressive about AnyTV is its simple and responsive interface. There are no advertising banners attached to it (like some TV apps) which can be distracting.

The free version does not offer all of the available programming, so for access to all channels you can subscribe monthly or purchase a lifetime license license for $67.99.

Be sure and stay tuned each weekend as we feature fun content and more online TV applications to fill up your weekend with geeky fun.

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