How many times have you run out of space on your C: drive and wondered… where did all my free space go? If you are tech savvy you’ll probably open up your CCleaner shortcut and clean out the temp files, but where has the rest gone?

The answer is a great little freeware utility called DriveSpacio that helps you find out where all that free space has gone, similar to the more well known WinDirStat (Download from Ninite) utility. The benefit of using this one is that it integrates directly into the Explorer shell and has a lot more reports.

Using DriveSpacio

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the utility, you’ll see a screen with the hard drives in your computer. For instance, if you look in my Computer dialog, you’ll see 3 hard drives and some other USB drives.

So the Drives tab in DriveSpacio will show you a graphical view of all drives on your computer, with all sorts of great charts and graphs.

Different views are offered, such as pie charts or the bar graph view seen below:

bar chart view


DriveSpacio integrates into Windows Explorer so you are able to right click on a drive and analyze it. You can also launch the application and open a specific drive, or even just a specific sub-folder if you want. I find this to be helpful because I can choose to only look in my user folder.

After scanning you really get a nice chart of the folders and files on the drive and exactly how much space they are taking up.

The interface has an explorer type feel and you can go through each folder and directory to get statistics, and the graph on the right-hand pane will change based on where in the tree you are.

You can also right-click on anything and choose to delete it right from the DriveSpacio window.

The Folders tab gives a great in-depth look at what folders are hogging space. You can toggle between either a bar graph or a pie chart, and choose to alternate between showing Kilobytes, Megabytes, or Gigabytes.

pie graph

Another benefit of using this application is that there’s a portable version that doesn’t require any installation. Very useful for adding to your portable USB flash toolkit.

Download DriveSpacio for Windows

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