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By Brian Burgess on September 5th, 2008

A few years ago I remember many people asking, trading, and selling Joost invitations.  I ended up getting one when Joost was in beta and though I thought the idea was great, I was not very impressed with channel content.  Since then Joost has come a long way.  Currently still in beta but open to the public, Joost boasts over 480 channels with 28,000+ TV shows.


Joost Version 1.1.8 beta is available freely to anyone to download and enjoy.  After downloading simply sign up for a free account.  Once signed in you can begin surfing through the Joost channels.  While watching a program you can explore other channels.  **Note: It is rumored Joost is going to end the desktop client and continue the service as web based only.**


One of the programs available on Joost is GI JOE.  Wow does it bring back childhood memories!  By just hovering the mouse pointer over the screen you can access different Joost menus.  You can play, pause, forward, and rewind programs.


With such a selection of television programs the unfortunate reality is having to deal with commercials.  I have seen full 15 second product ads between programs and also during the program as a commercial break.  On the plus side these are nothing like abundance of commercial spots on broadcast TV.


Another form of advertising used pops up a widget type ad the urges you to click.  When you do, it stops the current program you’re viewing and shows the 15 second clip.

small ad

There are also cool widgets you can use while watching Joost to connect with friends and use in other ways.  Select a widget from the menu to see what it does.


A couple examples are Instant Messaging and News Ticker that scrolls news headlines.  Also there is an option to share an episode with a friend.

1   55

Other features include the ability to create your own channel with featured shows you choose.  Channels include lots of comedy, nature and science documentaries, and more japanimation than you can shake a stick at!  Check out the complete list of channels.  OH!  Did I mention you can watch loads of Star Trek The Original Series shows as well?

Star Trej

Try out the latest version of Joost for the weekend, you’re bound to have a few hours of fun browsing through the different programs and creating your own list!

Download Joost For Windows and Mac OS X

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  • Published 09/5/08
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