Since it is back to school time it seems appropriate to cover some tools to help you store and mange your studies easier.  Evernote is a great free note taking application that can help organize the most disorganized people.  Evernote allows saving notes, pictures, and web content to one centralized location and being able to access it from almost anywhere.

Evernote is free to download and gives you a free 40MB space to synchronize and store notes.  First create a new notebook and choose the appropriate settings.  You can even store it as public and a URL will be created to share with friends and colleagues.

new notebook

Evernote has a very familiar explorer type user interface.  After creating a new notebook the title shows on the left side menu.

new note on menu

Saving text and pictures from the Internet is only a matter of highlighting what you want and sending the selection to Evernote.  Firefox has an easy to use plug-in and is also featured as a left click menu option.

With Internet Explorer you can go to the Web Clipper page and right click the icon and save as favorites.  Or you can highlight to select the data you want to keep and right click Add to Evernote.

IE to ever   ie clipper

Anytime a note is saved a small notification pops up indicating a successful save.

Here is a look at some saved data within Evernote also notice the handy search feature.  This will also find words in images.

Not only does that save the information to the Evernote local client, but also the your web account.  And your mobile account too.  This makes it possible to access your notes from almost anywhere.

Basic Notes are also possible with standard document editing functions available such as adjusting the font, cut, paste, etc.

Premium Accounts are also available for $5/month or $45/year which allow for up to 500MB of storage per month.  You can always keep tabs on and / or upgrade the amount of space you have available by going into Account Properties.

40 MB Account Properties

Download Evernote For Mac and PC