You made it through another week (you did right?) well even if your Friday is annoying you, I have a cool site you can dabble with to take the edge off.  Muxtape is a cool site that takes the “old school” era of sharing dubbed tapes into the digital music realm.  This site is not flashy or fancy … but it is just straight up cool.

You can upload mp3’s of your favorite tunes to create a “tape” and then share it with friends and add others to your favorites as well. You get a maximum of 12 songs with file sizes no larger than 24 MB.  The address is very simple to remember “your_name”  Also for Last.FM users Muxtape features Scrobbling.

Click on my tape to check out my My Muxtape mix.  Add me to your favorites if you wish!  I think it would be cool to get all of our readers together and share tapes. I started a thread in the “Off Topic” forum and we can get together and share our tapes!



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