You do not need to be a super programmer to create gadgets for you and your friend’s iGoogle page.  Now this method is not going to create any flashy games or show stock reports, but it is a fun way to share content with friends and family.  If you have not yet created an iGoogle page it is very simple, just sign in with your Gmail login (or set up a new account) and get started creating content for the page. 

To start adding content go to the link Add Stuff and you can browse through hundreds of gadgets based upon different categories and topics.  Here is the example of the How-To Geek iGoogle gadget.


The first thing is to go to go to Google’s page to create your own gadget.  When you get to the page there are a 7 basic templates where you just fill in a form and save to get your gadget.  Here I am going to show the Free Form template.  For this example I will be making a gadget for yours truly but you can customize yours for whatever you want.

Next enter in a title for your gadget and a link to your website or blog.  Enter in your unique text, and choose the layout and background colors.  You can then preview your gadget as you edit and make changes.


You can add a picture from your Picasa Web Album, Web Address, or directly upload from your hard drive.


This is the final product of my weekly tip gadget.

After you have created your gadget you will want to decide if you want to publish it to the gadget directory or not.  If this is a personal gadget for you and your friend’s then you probably do not want to publish it.  However, you can change that setting later if you feel the need.  I am going to go ahead and publish this one.

To make changes to your iGoogle gadget simply click the drop down options menu and make changes.  After creating the gadget you might want to invite more people to share it with.

This method is a basic and simple way to share content with friends, family, and colleagues on their iGoogle pages.  In future articles we will go inside the Google Gadget API and learn to create some cool and crazy flashing gizmo’s.       

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