Windows Vista has some new tools to help in diagnosing problems with your system.  Yes there are still the familiar ones such as Event Viewer, Task Manager, and Performance Monitor, but Vista has improved upon these standards and added new diagnostic tools as well.  One very cool on was previously covered by The Geek which is the Memory Diagnostics Tool.  Here I am going to cover an often overlooked but extremely convenient tool which is generating a System Health Report.

To generate this report click on Start and type in “Performance” (without the quotes) and then at the top click on Performance Information and Tools.


Next click on Advanced tools …

This will open up an entire list of Performance Tools we can use to help diagnose problems with our system.  Instead of going through different utilities on the list go to the bottom and generate a System Health Report.

To generate the report it takes about a minute or so.  You get to look at a cool graphic (well, I guess I don’t know how cool it is but it’s something new at least). while Vista collect system information.

On this report it is telling me a test on one of my drives failed, well it is because of low disk space and this drive is external … so you need to look at these reports carefully and not get too excited when you see a failed test.

On the other hand, if something is detected such as a corrupt driver for instance, you will definitely want to make sure and correct that.  As you go deeper into each section of the report you get a lot of information, far too much for me to show in this post.  Even if you are not experiencing any obvious troubles I would probably run this report periodically as it could provide information that will allow you to catch something small before it grows into a larger issue.