In this installment we are going to look at installing the Vista Ultimate toy DreamScene.  Tired of the static pictures as your desktop?  DreamScene allows you to incorporate video as the desktop image.  This is a default feature of Vista Ultimate, however, with some simple hack files we can achieve the same on Home Premium as well.

**IMPORTANT**  Make sure you have Vista Service Pack 1 installed for this patch to work successfully!

The first thing we need to do is download the 20 MB patch file (works for Vista 32 and 64bit) which you can download from the WinMatrix Forum.  Just click the image below to download the winrar file.

download button image  

Installation is extremely easy.  Just extract the compressed file and open the extracted folder.

With the file extracted simply run the Install.bat file. 

Answer the series of text messages that show up in the Command Prompt.

Once installation is complete you will need to restart your PC.  The location of DreamScene Video is C:WindowsWebWindows DreamScene  This patch comes with one default video.  You can also download tons of them all over the web.  I found some very cool DreamScene videos at  The following are the steps involved in turning DreamScene on as your desktop.

Right click an open area on the desktop and choose Properties Desktop Background and from here click the drop down box and select Windows DreamScene Content.  Then just double click the DreamScene video you want to display.

Installing the patch and downloading a few video’s is essentially all there is to it.  You can watch the video below where I demonstrate what DreamScene looks like.  I also launched a few applications while running DreamScene.  Hopefully this helps someone out!