Reminder about GOTD Software Downloads

I find a pretty interesting site.  I usually check it everyday to see if there is an application I might want to try or an entertaining game I want to play.  I know several of our readers go there as well to get different software applications as well.  I would just urge caution with some of the applications and also to make sure and read the reviews.  Sometimes if you have too many applications there is the possibility of some not playing nice with each other leading to some corrupt files and / or Windows not working correctly.

One other thing to remember if you do download and install a program from GOTD is to make sure and uncheck the box that wants to add anything to your default browser.  This screen comes up after running the activation executable for the program.


Also, if any of you are not sure or have any questions about any software you are considering installing, ask the friendly folks in our forum.  We will do our best to make sure the software you are about to install is solid.  I thought I would offer this as another courtesy from your friendly How-To Geek’s!

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