One thing we love to show you at How-To Geek is ways to simplify your computing experience.  The Geek has several tips on becoming a Keyboard Ninja for navigating your OS.  Today I found a nifty application that should definitely speed up the computing experience for Power Users. SlickRun! Although it is in the same idea realm of a Hotkey Program, it is something quite different.

If you are always using the Run Line and get sick of navigating the Start menu to access it; SlickRun is a cool little floating command line application always at the ready on your desktop. 

  SlickRun takes up very little real estate on your desktop!

Simply type in the command you wish to execute as you would in the Window’s Run Line and hit Enter.  Right click in the text area to find the SlickRun menu.  Notice the default MagicWords.  These commands will launch Web Pages, Windows applications, and search boxes.


If the default MagicWords are not adequate you can also create your own!  Just fill in the required fields and save.  You will get a message if the command is successful or not.

Another cool feature is JOT which allows you to keep notes and drag and drop text from other applications and the Internet.  You can search notes from JOT and every entry is marked with a time stamp.

Download SlickRun From Bayden Systems.