I have neglected several included features in Windows Vista.  And to be honest I have not used many of them assuming they won’t work very well.  Rather than be an ignorant assuming geek, I have decided to go over some of the included features in Vista.  Today I will start with Windows DVD Maker.

Click on Start All Programs Windows DVD Maker

You then will get the default splash screen.  If you don’t want to see it every time just check the box “Don’t show me this page again”.

The interface is relatively bland and simple.  Here I just dragged over the video files from a DVD I copied from my collection using DVD Shrink.

Next you get a preview of the DVD menu.  You can also change the menu look with other included menu themes.


When you are finished with the settings just click the Burn button.  There are not a whole lot of extra features.  You can change the burn speed, menu fonts, and screen format.  For the most part this is an extremely simple and limited DVD burning application.  I actually have a better time burning with CDburnerXP.  Also, depending upon the speed you select … even if it is maximum, it seems to take longer to burn a disc than other third party software.

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