Don’t you hate it when you try to uninstall a program it either does not include an uninstaller or when using Add / Remove Programs in Windows, there are several traces of the software left?  It is definitely one of my bigger pet peeves … just check out my iTunes uninstall rant.  I came across a cool little program the other day that claims to do a much better job of uninstalling applications and all of the tidbits and left-overs associated with them.  Revo Uninstaller.

When first launching Revo the first thing I noticed were all of the additional features not included with Window’s Add / Remove utility.

Here I am going to show the process of uninstalling an unwanted toolbar from a Vista machine.  After double clicking the program you want to remove the familiar ‘are you sure’ message will pop up.

Now for the cool part!  Revo lets us choose how to uninstall the application using different mode levels.  Here I am going to choose the Advanced mode.  I don’t want a single trace of this toolbar left of my hard drive.  **Keep in mind that if you are on a domain, software information will still be kept in the AppData folder under your profile.**

Progress while scanning including the steps Revo is taking.

This is what I like to see the most … Scanning for leftover information!  This is the entire reason I really dig this application.

And here we are, it turns out this toolbar did indeed decide to leave some additional information in the registry.  If there were left over files or folders associated with the program it would show those as well.

Revo Uninstaller is available in multiple languages!

Other options you can tweak to your liking.  As you can see some features are not available in Vista but I am sure updates will include more features.

This application works on both Windows Vista and XP.  Other options include deleting your Internet browsing history, and deleting certain start up programs and services.  Oh!  And I didn’t even cover Hunter Mode!  I must say this is quite an impressive utility!  Download Revo Uninstaller.