One thing I like to do is point out the extra software applications try to sneak in during installation.  Especially it that software can definitely be considered “Crap-Ware”.  I have found a couple of instances of this while reinstalling Trillian on my Vista machine.

The first example to rear its head is the Weather Channel Desktop.  Unless you are a extreme weather enthusiast there is really no reason to install.  Even if you are a major weather enthusiast, there are a lot better applications out there to choose from.  Just uncheck the box next to the license agreement.

trillain anti weather bar

After that the next one to show up is the Ask Toolbar.  Unless your default search engine is Ask … again there is not reason to install this.  I make sure and uncheck both boxes on this screen and continue with set up.

In my opinion Trillian is one of the coolest IM clients out there, and remembering to take time to read the installation screens can save unneeded software removal at a later time.

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