Today I ran into a new version of CC Cleaner v 2.06 which includes the Yahoo Toolbar with the installation.  According to the instructions this allows you to use CC Cleaner from your browsers toolbar.  It seems there are a lot of companies trying to sneak their software into various popular freeware applications lately.  I covered one of them in a previous post.

I went ahead and installed CC Cleaner v 2.06 with the Yahoo toolbar just for the fun of it.  Before doing this I set my default browser to IE 8 Beta 1.  Sure you it will allow you to run CC Cleaner from the browser … but how necessary is this?  I have never been a fan of extra toolbars and Yahoo’s is certainly no exception.

I suppose if you are already a huge fan of Yahoo’s services and want to keep dibs on everything while you surfing the web, you might want to install the Yahoo toolbar, there certainly is plenty to choose from.  All of your favorite Yahoo applications are easily accessible.

If you want to remove the Yahoo toolbar and not CC cleaner you will need to go into Add / Remove programs and uninstall both instances of Yahoo.

One more thing to note … when installing CC Cleaner v 2.06 with the Yahoo toolbar, there is an option to not include the toolbar at all with the installation.  Just be sure to uncheck the box before hitting Install.

However, if you still want to use your favorite PC performance utility and are not a fan of any kind of toolbar and prefer not to deal with the hassle of uninstalling, I recommend downloading CC Cleaner Slim.  Which is only a 650KB download and none of the hassle of uninstalling the Yahoo toolbar.

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