Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Issue

Last week I wrote about the hassles I experienced with installing Internet Explorer 8 on my XP machine at work. Overall I have not had too many problems with it … mainly because my default browser is Firefox! However I did run into an annoyance with this beta I would like to point out.

I went to the Creative Autoupdate site to see if there were new drivers for my sound card. I was created by the following message.


No problem right? I will just click on the Emulate IE 7 button …


Then IE told me I needed to restart the browser, which I did … unlike Firefox IE did not automatically restart … it just sat there. I then closed out of IE 8 Beta 1 and went back in … eh … then you have to browse back to the page that did not work.


I lazily searched and found this Add-on for IE 8. This puts an icon on the Taskbar that lets you report a page that does not display with IE 8 Beta 1. Just one annoyance I have found so far … but I can’t complain too much since it is a beta release after all. I am curious what types of issues any of you have found with this release. Post away folks!

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