Miro is a wonderful open source video player.  Miro is the new name for the same project entitled Democracy Player.  The last version of Democracy Player was 0.9.6 – Now with a new name, logo, and interface Miro is definitely ready for prime time.  Miro is available on Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms.

Think of Miro as a TIVO for your computer.  Just select the video web content you like and subscribe.  You can pick a bunch of video content or just a few channels to check out.  What I like to do is have Miro download all of my favorite content and go to work.  When I get home I can go through and play what I want when I want.  You can also download video podcasts with Miro.


Looking closer here is a PBS video playing on Miro.  As you can see toward the bottom it has your typical media player controls.


On the left side of the player you have your main menu.  Playlists, libraries, recently downloaded programs etc.  You can customize these various menus by right clicking and choosing an option from a sub menu.

Miro also has a neat feature that allows you to search and play video content from some of the major video websites.  Yes there are others than YouTube!

Miro is will also play virtually any type of video file.  You can also use Miro as your BitTorrent client and watch the video file directly from Miro.  If you are looking for a great free open source video application compatible with Windows, Apple, or Linux you should definitely download Miro.

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