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By resetting your PlayStation 4 controller, you can fix nearly all pairing as well as any other issues you may be experiencing with it. It’s easy to hard reset your DualShock 4 wireless controller, and we’ll show you how to do that.

Note: When you factory reset your PS4 controller, know that you don’t lose your games, saved game data, or any other files on your console. It’s just the controller that gets reset.

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Hard Reset a PlayStation 4 Controller

To reset your PS4 controller, you’ll need a paper clip or a similar thin and study tool. You’ll insert it into the tiny hole located on your controller to reset it.

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Once you’ve managed to get a tool like that, turn off your PlayStation 4 console and unplug your controller from it.

On the back of your controller, near the L2 shoulder button, you will see a small hole.

The reset hole on the PS4 controller.

Into that small hole, insert a paper clip or a similar tool you’ve got. Keep the tool inserted (which will press the reset button inside) for about five seconds.

Your controller is now reset and ready to be paired with your console.

To pair it again, plug your controller into the USB port on your console. Then turn on your console.

Plug the controller into the PS4 USB port.

When your PS4 turns on, on your controller, press the PS button.

Press the PS button.

Your controller is now paired with your console, and you can use it to play your games.

And that’s how you fix most issues related to your PS4 controller. Happy gaming!

If you experience other issues with your PS4, consider rebuilding the console’s database, which helps resolve most issues.

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