I experienced an issue the other day at work in regards to Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin.  A colleague brought in their laptop complaining about a slowness issue.  While checking out Task Manager I noticed a CPU spike of 50%.  Turns out the culprit was a process called PcScnSrv.exe which allows PC-Cillin to scan activity on your computer for malware.  So any time you open any application or any type of computer activity PcScnSrv.exe scans and monitors every action.  This causes a major spike in CPU activity.  Sure my initial reaction was to remove Trend and put on a free alternative such as AVG or Avast Home Edition but my colleague just spent $60 to renew his license so I came up with a work around of sorts.  I have not seen any patch on Trend’s site that addresses this issue yet, so here is what I did.

Who wants to go into task manager every time you log in to kill this process?  I created a bat file to kill the process.


Just type the following code into notepad.

Then make sure and change the Save as type to All Files and have your file with the “.bat” extension.

Now you have the familiar bat file icon saved where you like and just double click to kill the task.

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