I guess I will continue this week’s theme of media players by introducing you to J River Media Jukebox.  I have to say I am quite impressed so far with this player. 

One of the cool features of Media Jukebox is its ability to support basically every portable player out there including phones.  The UI is very customizable and of course there are skins aplenty.  Although I rarely use any visualizations while playing my music, Media Jukebox has some of the best I have ever seen.  Very cool 3D visualizations.  Sound quality is great as well.  You can rip and burn discs, tag your files, build play lists, and synch your handheld device.  Media Jukebox allows encoding files to a variety of formats, including WMA, OGG, APE and FLAC

This player is associated with Amazon’s music store which is instantly cooler than iTunes Music Store as every 256Kbps MP3 file is DRM free.  You can put these tracks on as many players you want.

Another feature I like about Media Jukebox is Artist Info which queries information on the current band or artist you listening to.  AllMusic.com is the website used for this.

There are quite a few plug-ins for Media Jukebox included and several more you can download.


A very cool DSP studio for tweaking your tunes to perfection.


More on this player coming soon!  I have only scratched the surface here.  In the meantime I encourage any music enthusiast to give Media Jukebox a try.  I may of found another new player of choice.

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