Ron Paul on Internet Freedom – Video

When it comes to Internet Freedom I believe the candidate with the best position is Ron Paul.  You can check it out in his own words.

These are his positions when it comes to cool issues and individual freedom as it relates to technology.

  • No Fairness Doctrine: no equal time if morally objectionable.
  • Don’t apply broadcast indecency rules to cable networks.
  • Trusts the Internet a lot more than the mainstream media. 
  • Voted NO on establishing “network neutrality” (non-tiered Internet). 
  • Voted NO on increasing fines for indecent broadcasting.
  • Voted YES on promoting commercial human space flight industry.
  • Voted NO on banning Internet gambling by credit card. 
  • Voted NO on allowing telephone monopolies to offer Internet access.


** You can check out all the candidates answers to questions on technology here!

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+