I have been very impressed by the ZOHO Online Office Suite.  Yesterday we checked out ZOHO Sheets and Writer.  Today we will go more in depth and explore the other applications.

First let’s take a look at ZOHO Show 2.0 … This is a PowerPoint clone which allows you to directly import your existing PowerPoint presentations or create a new one from scratch.


As with Sheets and Writer I was easily able to import a PowerPoint presentation into ZOHO Show 2.0 … Also there are several objects including Clip Art included with Show 2.0 … ZOHO will periodically automatically save any document you are working on which is also very nice.


As with ZOHO Writer and Sheets the controls are easily accessed and the layout makes working in this Suite very intuitive.

This first slide is exactly what I imported from my local machine to ZOHO.


This following slide I used the original PowerPoint slide and added some ZOHO Clip Art.

Of course the Microsoft Office Suite is going to have far more options … however … if you need to whip up a quick nice looking presentation and want to collaborate with other persons, then ZOHO is a great choice.  I did receive a response back from a ZOHO representative and they did advise that Microsoft Office 2007 applications will soon be supported.  I have yet to try Google Docs but so far I am very impressed with ZOHO.  Everything I would ever need to use it for is very effective.  Plus there is a lot of extra features.  In the coming days I will go more in depth with those features.