In a previous article I wrote about minimizing The Ribbon in Office 2007.  This is great for saving space on your screen so you have more area to work.  In that article I mention that you can still pull up The Ribbon for any function you need while working on a document.  Here I am going to show a different take on accomplishing tasks while keeping The Ribbon hidden.  I usually only use the most basic functions, but if I need to add more we always can. 

Open the Customize Quick Access Toolbar and from here place a check next to the functions you want to include on the bar.  To add additional functions just click on More Commands.

Under More Commands simply select All Commands and add what you want to the Quick Access Toolbar.


Now once we have the items we need select the option to minimize The Ribbon.  This makes for a cleaner interface providing more room to work on the document.  Again this is application specific and with Office 2007 SP1 every time you open the application The Ribbon will be hidden by default.