While updating my work computer I came across a pop up that was welcoming to the Microsoft Download Center Beta. I thought it rather odd M$ would throw a pop up at me. I checked out the URL and it seemed legit … so I went with it. Besides … it’s only my work computer … LOL.

For the Beta Download Center you will need to install Microsoft Silverlight. After all of this it sure seemed to take far to long for the beta page to load.

Once everything was finally rendered I noticed the cosmetic changes to the center. Here is a shot of a menu box where it allows for easy navigation of the various downloads.

The main page has lists of popular and new downloads.

You will also get a description of each software item they have listed by hovering the mouse over the “quick launch” icon.

The new Download Resources menu.

Of course they had new flashy and fancy looking advertisements for new Microsoft products, but I will spare you those screen shots.