I have heard and seen many funny situations in my IT career but today was the best one I have heard in a long time. A person referred to the asterisk key on their keyboard as “The Snowflake Key”. LMAO doesn’t do the 20 minutes of laughing I did justice.

Wow! So, to continue with the theme my IT colleague and I thought maybe we should start renaming several of the keys.  Here are some of what I thought were the funniest ones.

1 “The Snowflake Key”
1 “The Hungry Alligator Key”
1 “The Scarecrows Hat Key”
1 “The Twig and Berries Key”

Also, let’s not forget one of the best Homer Simpson computer keyboard quotes …


“To start, press any key.” Where’s the “any” key?! I see Kuh-tor-ull, Esc, and Pig-Up, but I don’t see the “Any” key! woah, all this computer hacking is making me thirsty, I think I’ll order a tab. (Presses tab key) Ooh, too late for that now, the computers starting!”

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