Adobe Shockwave: Crapware With Install

Nothing is worse than spyware, Adware, Malware … etc. However, Crapware comes in extremely close. Crapware is all the extra needless applications say Dell puts on their computers. They sell it as though you’re getting some great deal because your computer is coming pre-installed with say a 90 day trial of Mcaffe. Well, Crapware strikes it’s ugliness in many places. While rebuilding a computer this week I found a great example from Adobe’s Shockwave.

shockwave norton trick

Notice that the “Norton Security Scan” does not remove anything. Just tells you if you have any malicious software. Of course the box next to “Install” was checked. Just remember to be careful when installing so called “freeware”. Uncheck any default checked boxes unless you want Norton to tell you that there might be malicious software on your computer … and keep popping up trying to sell you it’s needless security suite. This is just one example.

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