When you have a document up on your network that several users have access to, it is nice to know the time and date it is modified.  For instance if there is an interoffice group project, team leaders can keep track of when a document is created, printed, or last saved. 

In the document place the cursor where you want the date and time to be inserted.  Then choose the Insert tab and click on Quick Parts Field.

When the Field box opens select Date and Time from the Categories drop down box.

Next, select which field name you want to appear in the document.

Finally we want to choose the format for the date and/or time.  This is done under Field Properties.

In the example below I placed the fields at the end of the document.  So I needed to go through the above process twice.  Once for the Print Date and a second time for the Save Date.  The fields now will update automatically every time a person prints the document or Saves it.