Spybot Search and Destroy seems to be getting a bad rap in the press lately, which I wrote about in July.  Then I read an article in PC World last month and they were also slamming this free application.  Well, the heck with them!  Let’s take a look at the new version of Spybot 1.5

You have the option to download beta updates with this version.

When selecting this you will get a confirmation screen advising you about getting the latest updates, but warning you that there may be bugs to work out since they are beta.  I like this feature and I always download the beta updates.

Of course you can still choose where you get your updates from.  Choose your favorite server.

With the beta updates you will need to check the box again next to the update which is (beta).

For some reason I get a kick out of the brick wall animation when immunizing your system.

Of course you still have the advanced options in this version as well for even more control over your system.

This new version also includes better support for Vista and even goes back and improves support for Windows 95.  Threat detection is improved… all of the new noticeable features can be found at the Spybot Search and Destroy Homepage.  Since I have started using this newest version, I get new updates almost every day.

I guess the editors who review Spybot and are down on it now thinking it is a legacy technology don’t really understand how powerful of an application this really is.  Everybody wants some graphically fancy “one click solves it all” software.  With enough tweaking and keeping updates current, Spybot Search and Destroy is every bit effective as it was back in the day.  And it is free!  Always has and according to the developer always will be!

Maybe this application is too “geek” I don’t know.  But PC users have to realize that these are not toys.  The purpose of a computer is to perform calculations and algorithms.  IMHO too many people think they can take the computer plug it in and start using it as a media center and not think of security.  OK, now I am starting to rant …. and since I am … one last thing … if you use a donation-ware application be cool and throw a few bucks their way it’s the cool thing to do.

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