Many of you know I am a musician and huge music fan.  I am always trying out new music players, different compression formats, home recording software, etc.  I have used Last.FM but quickly grew tired of it.  However I have found one cool web based player that really rocks.  Anywhere FM which is currently in beta allows you to listen to your music collection anywhere you have a web connection.  Creating an account is extremely easy and once you have done that begin uploading your tunes to the player.

Anywhere FM includes an iTunes uploader to easily upload your iTunes library.

The player acts and feels like iTunes.  You can toggle different views as well.  This is the default view with album art.  You can also change the colors and styles of your player.

There are various channels including Free Music and Friend Radio which allows you to share your playlists with others.  You can create your own custom playlists as well.  Currently with the beta version there is no limit to the amount of music you can upload.  One drawback with the beta is only MP3 format is accepted.  They promise to be able to play other formats in the future.  If you want an easy way to listen to your music anywhere you have a web connection this is a great web player.  As it comes out of beta I would imagine it will be even better!

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