I am a sucker for nostalgic computer games.  Oregon Trail was the first computer game I ever played on the Apple IIe system.  With the help of the Enhanced Apple IIe Emulator and some virtual floppy discs we can relive those golden memories on your current PC.  I am playing this on my Windows XP box.  I am not sure if it works with Vista.

The first thing you need to do is download AppleWin 1.14.0  This is a zip file so just go ahead and extract it where you like.  I just put it on my desktop.  Open the folder and double click on the AppleWin.exe icon to launch the emulator.  To start the virtual machine click on the Apple button on the upper right side.

Now the next thing we need to play Oregon Trail is the virtual floppy disks.  You can find them along with tons of other great classic ROMS @ jeff.greenfeld.net

Once you have these downloaded and extracted click on the Master Disk Drive on the left side.  Drag the Oregon Trail Floppy there and double click to load it.

Now Reboot the virtual machine by hitting the Apple button again.  Time to get on the trail!

The following is just some of the screen shots from Oregon Trail.  Here I am setting up the players.

Exploring the rivers along the way.

Buying supplies from the store.  Who didn’t pick the banker?

This is a very stable emulator.  There are also hundreds of virtual applications out there that you can find and load to relive your legacy computing memories.